About Coastal Harvest

Our Mission

Feed the hungry and assist our partner agencies free of charge.

The Organization

Coastal Harvest is a Food Bank distribution center serving seven Southwest WA counties. We provide food to 52 partner programs including food pantries, feeding programs, a mobile food bank, senior centers, and backpack programs. Within these programs, we serve six Native American Tribes. We also contribute on a smaller scale toward events and to organizations that feed the homeless, to youth programs, and to programs meeting other similar needs. From January through August of 2017, Coastal Harvest delivered over 2.8 million pounds of food serving over 230,000 people.

Coastal Harvest is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded through a variety of avenues: government and private grants, State and Federal programs, fundraising activities, donations and collaborative work with other entities. The center employs six full or part-time employees, we use guest workers from a variety of community programs and volunteers supply additional manpower from board membership to warehouse work.


Coastal Harvest is a hunger relief agency. We collaborate with several organizations and programs to procure nutritional value food for those struggling with food insecurity in our communities. Food is collected, warehoused, allocated, staged and then shipped out to our partner programs twice per month. We are members of the Independent Food Distribution Network (IFDN), working cooperatively with Northwest Harvest (King County) and Emergency Food Network (Pierce County) to maximize the efficiency of food delivery throughout the state. Coastal Harvest works closely with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to ensure state and federal funds/commodities are distributed efficiently and effectively.

Coastal Harvest provides a number of critical services that simply are not attainable by small, local food pantries alone.  These include purchasing power, transportation, food storage and collaboration with government and private entities.  We increase the ability of these food pantries and feeding programs to serve their communities by efficiently managing the flow of food from suppliers to the consumer. A vital link in the assault on hunger, Coastal Harvest is a major component in the food distribution network in Grays Harbor, Pacific, Lewis, Thurston, Mason, Jefferson and Wahkiakum counties in Washington State.  It is a leader in promoting cooperation and collaboration in service to its customers and community.

COASTAL HARVEST WASHINGTON- Coastal Harvest is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on community support for operation. We actively seek to build relationships and collaborate with businesses, agencies, and individuals who support our fight against hunger.