Public Utility Donations

Help others have the money they need to purchase healthy food by providing assistance with their utility bills. Having warm shelter and clean running water are just as critical to a community as nutritionNo one should have to make the choice between eating and having their utilities turned off.

Many of the bills you receive have a place on them specifically for
programs that help those who are struggling, often with the options
to make a one time donation or set up regular giving.

When you experience a raise in rates or an increase in your usage, take a moment to consider how these circumstances could affect a food-insecure household.

When your bill is lower than expected, celebrate that by passing the good fortune along and adding a donation with your payment.

COASTAL HARVEST WASHINGTON- Coastal Harvest is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on community support for operation. We actively seek to build relationships and collaborate with businesses, agencies, and individuals who support our fight against hunger.