Repack Project

One of the benefits of functioning as a distribution center for over 50 programs in 7 counties is that we are able to acquire food in bulk and repackage it into family sized portions. This is our Repack Project, and when we say bulk, we are talking about boxes that are often over 2000 pounds!

Our Repack Project is a great way for a group of 4-12 people to volunteer together! Give us a call (360)532-6315 to schedule a time for your group.

Opportunities also exist for individuals to participate in our repack program, give us a call or use the form to get more information.

COASTAL HARVEST WASHINGTON- Coastal Harvest is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on community support for operation. We actively seek to build relationships and collaborate with businesses, agencies, and individuals who support our fight against hunger.