Food Drives

Donations of food items are used to supplement and add variety to the staple items that Coastal Harvest provides.

When making a food donation, take a moment and consider the nutritional content. The health of many of the individuals and families that we serve often has already been impacted by compromised nutrition. The best donations are low in added sugar and contain whole or minimally processed foods. Categories that are always needed: peanut butter, canned protein (think tuna, chicken, beef stew…), diapers, canned fruit, canned vegetables.

Options for giving food donations:

1. Donate to existing Food Drives when they happen in your community.

2. Go to our Partners tab above and donate to a food pantry near you.

3. Drop off food donations at our distribution warehouse location: 520 Tyler Street, PO Box 616, Hoquiam, WA 98550

4. If your company, organization or group is interested in holding a food drive. Contact Brent Hunter at 360-660-5053 for information.