CSFP Reporting

Please follow all the steps correctly to ensure your forms are properly received.

1. Download the Form

Click the link below to download a blank WSDA CSFP form to your computer.

Download Blank WSDA CSFP Form

2. Fill out the Form

Find the form you downloaded, open it then fill it out completely and correctly.

If you can’t open the file on your computer, please download and install Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

3. Save the Form to your Computer

When you’re finished filling out the form, save it to your computer using the naming convention below.

How to name your file

Example: CSFP_032020_Montesano Food Bank.pdf

4. Submit the completed form

Use the form below to upload your correctly named, completed form and submit it to Coastal Harvest.

NOTE: Your organization no longer has to submit new applications, terminations, sign in sheets or wait lists, but must keep them filed on site for six years. These must be made available if Coastal Harvest is to be audited by the WSDA. Please contact us with any questions.